Friday, February 27, 2009


The next Zoolander.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alas- I Am Too Busy... Even to Type

Here I sit on Sunday night. Watching the Oscars with Nikki am I... typing as if I were Yoda... or a pirate. Granted, I am not only sitting. I just finished the poster for Seussical to take to the printer tomorrow and am about to begin "the list" for tomorrow. Pretty much, Seussical is consuming every aspect of living right now. Everything revolves around Seussical. Effie, Nikki and I worked this afternoon on show stuff. It would ahve been nice to take a nap. I never take naps, but when I know I don't have time for one, I want one.

This show is huge... no, gigantic... no, titanic... bad example... Titanic sunk... don't plan to do that. Our meals are based upon what needs to be done for the show, our sleep time and our reality tv watching. God allowed some one to invent tivo so we wouldn't have to miss our tv shows while working on a production. Of this, I am sure. Yoda again.

Seussical as I said, is big. 62 people on stage at once. Some costumes three feet wide. Some costumes three feet in diameter. What was I thinking? Who houses, jungle trees, a giant egg in a nest, puppets, puppets and some puppets. Big stuff. In three months, everything gets bigger.

Speaking of three months. Lots going on- shows scheduled for July through December and a tentative list for 2010. Working on that too, in the middle of Seussical.

I've had lots of fun reading all the lists of peoples "25 Random Facts About Me" on Facebook. I haven't been on Facbook in weeks. After the show. I keep meaning to put my random facts, but can't get to it. Bless Nikki, if she didn't keep laundry going right now, I would have to buy more clothes because I would be running short. Many of you will scoff at that statement. Anyway, here is a preview:

1. I am at the age where I don't care what anyone thinks. You can give me your opinion, but I probably won't listen. Don't be offended, I can't help it I am smarter than you... but you are more than likely a better speller.

2. I believe that nine out of every ten children with "behavior or attention problems" were simply not spanked enough.

3. I love pizza. All the time.

4. I make up stupid songs about everything. The rule is they still have to rhyme.

5. People think I am unsociable at times. In reality, I am very shy. Also, I spend so much time talking all day long that sometimes I am excited to be quiet.

6. I love going to Disney World- duh. Not because of the whole "youthful forever" crap, but because the technology and unlimited supply of imagination and creativity is beyond what normal people can grasp. I am not a normal person. Take that how you wish.

7. I'm not a control freak, I just think life is better for others when I am in charge. I am not an egomanic, but I am confident in my abilities. If I don't know how to accomplish something, I will after some careful concentration.

8. I dislike history unless researching for a specific project.

9. The greatest moments of my life that do not include my family and wife are spent with a small group of people. I like a small amount of dedicated friends more than a large amount that I know only in passing. So don't be offended if I ignore you when requesting to be my friend on facebook. In other words, the people that let me be in charge are more likely to be my friend.

10. I can go only two days without taking a Nexium. Goes along with being in charge and saying I can accomplish anything.

11. My favorite color is red. No, I mean RED!

12. Eventhough I would never admit it outloud, I like Jazzy. He makes me laugh, although he still feels as if I moved in on his territory. Guess what, J-Man... I did!

13. I don't drink any alcohol. This is a huge suprise to people. A theatre person that doesn't drink or smoke. The stiffest thing that I drink is Dr. Pepper. My only addiction is Dr. Pepper. That may be why I take Nexium.

I am sleepy and have gotten side tracked. I must make my "list" still for tomorrow. There I go again, Seussical dictating my life. Seussical is March 12, 13, 14 at 7:30pm. March 15 at 2:30pm in case I don't have time to post again. March 15 is a Sunday matinee. Some one not long ago told me God didn't like it that I did matinees on Sunday, rather I think God likes to see families do things together after church on a Sunday afternoon. If He didn't, then why would we have tivo to record the shows we miss while we were rehearsing for the shows that we would be performing on a Sunday afternoon?

14. God loves me and what is important to me is important to Him. Even Sunday matinees.

Saturday, February 14, 2009