Thursday, December 21, 2006


Three days and counting!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fox Theatre Tour

I took the some of the drama kids to tour the Fox Theatre on Monday. It was a great trip. Our tour guide was very interesting and funny. He knew so much history about the theatre as well as many small details that are often overlooked when you are visiting for a show. The most amazing thing we found out is there is a little man named Joe that lives in the top of the Fox in an apartment. We didn't get to go on stage because they were setting up for a show. But we got to go right to the edge and could see the entire wing space on each side. There was maybe twenty-five feet of wing space on each side. Much smaller than I imagined. When thinking back about the shows I've seen there like Beauty and the Beast and Phantom and so on, I wonder where do they put the scenery because those shows have massive set pieces. The stage itself is only as deep as the Fine Arts stage. It is maybe about twenty feet wider, but so shallow. When you sit in the audience, the stage looks so big. Standing on the edge, it is so tiny. We also got to see all the ballrooms and beautiful stairwells- each so detailed it will blow your mind. As an added bonus, we got to go into all the rest rooms and lounges- I'd never seen the girls side. Our one and a half hour tour ended up lasting three hours, but it went by very fast. There was so much more to see... and they gave us popcorn! The Egyptian ballroom, was great- I think we need to take a playgroup field trip for Aida research.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

As Time Goes By

Here it is now, a week since we began the show. I think I missed it. Even when we were doing the show, it was like we weren't doing the show. It all came and went so fast. I'm glad I have pictures. One week from tomorrow is Christmas Eve! That has come fast too. I only have three of the four trees up, I guess that is all for this year. One week from Monday, I leave for Disney World! I'll take my computer and keep this site updated with fun and photos of the week. This coming Monday, I am taking my advanced drama class to the Fox theatre in Atlanta, not to see a show, but to take a backstage tour. We have been there many times to see everything from Momma Mia to Hairspray to Titanic to Seussical to The Music Man, but we have never been able to have the place to ourselves. Monday we do. The lady I talked to who scheduled the entire thing said we had the best guide that there ever had been there. He is always a favorite of every group that comes through. I hope so. It will be a great experience for the kids and me as well. We are leaving just in time- Monday also marsk the day that the old carpet gets ripped up and the new starts to go down in the Fine Arts. I'm glad I'm not going to be there in the middle of that mess. But when we get back imagine the glorious new floor. I love the smell of fresh carpet!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas in My Hometown

A beautiful show, a beautiful cast, a beautiful time. Jesus, You are Him.
Sweet, Little Jesus Boy.
Let's all try to smile for the picture.
No, you can't return us. We don't come with a receipt.

Friday, December 08, 2006


What? We have a show tomorrow? I guess we had better get busy.. oh, wait, I guess I'll just have another poptart.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holly Jolly!

Let's spend Christmas in My Hometown... yea, that's cheesy, but what is not in this show.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Five Days and Counting

Reheasals are going very well- considering we are singing in a retired gymnasium. While you sing the next verse, you hear the echo of the first verse. It's a good lesson in concentration. The FAB floor is done and looks great. We have been moving scenery and supplies back into their position behind the curtains. The audience area is a mess, mostly from the lack of concern by the painters. New carpet will take care of that for the most part, however, it is going to have to have a major cleaning before the band concert tomorrow- not my problem though. If it is not done by Friday (and goodness how embarassing if it is not) I will do it- but not until. Effie and I worked on scenery last night after rehearsal. She worked on the cabin while I did styrofoam rock work on the fireplace and chimney. When I got home I cut and started attatching the white fur to the sequin Santa suit- yes, Santa is hip. It was a mess- white fur flying everywhere like a sheep exploded, but with out the guts. I started gluing it on the neck and cuffs (yes, I am gluing, don't tell anyone, especially my old costume professor). It needs to be done fast because Santa has to make a guest appearance at the chamber banquet tommorrow evening. On another great and wonderful note, our new snow machines are on their way. They were stuck in customs in Miami waiting to be inspected. If we got them, they were not going to be here until Friday after noon, just in time for our only dress rehearsal. But I just got a call from the company I order from and the guy said they were on their way and will be here on Wednesday- two days before amyone thought they were going to be. God heard my prayers this morning. So much to do, so little time to do it in, but hey, I had a GREAT weekend and it gave me the energy to take me on through the rest of this week. There are many hurdles to cross before we get to the first show on Saturday, but I am going to enjoy them all because it is part of the process (some one I know likes that word process, so I am going to use it- hee hee) and half of getting to enjoy the accomplishment is how you got there. Five days till show time- right now I remember why I do this!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story opens this weekend and I am anxious to see it. It is interesting to me how often we take for granted what an unbelievable story this is- and not just because it is about the birth of Jesus. From a human being stand point, we get caught up thinking of Mary and Joseph as being almost mythilogical due to the fact we see their faces on Christmas cards and carved out of plaster for a nativity set. We see them most often as an image, but they are much more than just an image. Jesus was the devine Son of God, but Mary and Joseph, they were average, normal people. Granted, they had to be special in order to be chosen by God to carry the load of raising His Son, but still they were people, normal people chosen for a task. Imagine the doubt, the fear, the confusion. When you look at them from a charater point of view, they become so much more flesh and blood. They still have a (for lack of a better word) magical quality, but you realize the pains they had to go through, as best as our small minds can imagine. In this Christmas show we are working on now, it is so important to me to make sure we present Mary and Joseph as human in the song choices and dramatic moments of pantomime. So often you will see a drama presentation of the nativity and the characters be-bop along as if they know what they are doing. I don't think it was like that at all. I believe that Mary and Joseph had faith in God to direct them where to go and what and how to do it, but they still felt the fleshly emotions that come with being flesh. They worried, they cried, they doubted... just like us... and we just like them have been chosen for a specific task. They listened and followed... do we?

Watch Out

Ya'll better watch out for the next week- Amanda brought me a special Christmas Show mega phone last night. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! I can't wait to use it!!!!!!!!!