Saturday, December 16, 2006

As Time Goes By

Here it is now, a week since we began the show. I think I missed it. Even when we were doing the show, it was like we weren't doing the show. It all came and went so fast. I'm glad I have pictures. One week from tomorrow is Christmas Eve! That has come fast too. I only have three of the four trees up, I guess that is all for this year. One week from Monday, I leave for Disney World! I'll take my computer and keep this site updated with fun and photos of the week. This coming Monday, I am taking my advanced drama class to the Fox theatre in Atlanta, not to see a show, but to take a backstage tour. We have been there many times to see everything from Momma Mia to Hairspray to Titanic to Seussical to The Music Man, but we have never been able to have the place to ourselves. Monday we do. The lady I talked to who scheduled the entire thing said we had the best guide that there ever had been there. He is always a favorite of every group that comes through. I hope so. It will be a great experience for the kids and me as well. We are leaving just in time- Monday also marsk the day that the old carpet gets ripped up and the new starts to go down in the Fine Arts. I'm glad I'm not going to be there in the middle of that mess. But when we get back imagine the glorious new floor. I love the smell of fresh carpet!

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