Monday, December 04, 2006

Five Days and Counting

Reheasals are going very well- considering we are singing in a retired gymnasium. While you sing the next verse, you hear the echo of the first verse. It's a good lesson in concentration. The FAB floor is done and looks great. We have been moving scenery and supplies back into their position behind the curtains. The audience area is a mess, mostly from the lack of concern by the painters. New carpet will take care of that for the most part, however, it is going to have to have a major cleaning before the band concert tomorrow- not my problem though. If it is not done by Friday (and goodness how embarassing if it is not) I will do it- but not until. Effie and I worked on scenery last night after rehearsal. She worked on the cabin while I did styrofoam rock work on the fireplace and chimney. When I got home I cut and started attatching the white fur to the sequin Santa suit- yes, Santa is hip. It was a mess- white fur flying everywhere like a sheep exploded, but with out the guts. I started gluing it on the neck and cuffs (yes, I am gluing, don't tell anyone, especially my old costume professor). It needs to be done fast because Santa has to make a guest appearance at the chamber banquet tommorrow evening. On another great and wonderful note, our new snow machines are on their way. They were stuck in customs in Miami waiting to be inspected. If we got them, they were not going to be here until Friday after noon, just in time for our only dress rehearsal. But I just got a call from the company I order from and the guy said they were on their way and will be here on Wednesday- two days before amyone thought they were going to be. God heard my prayers this morning. So much to do, so little time to do it in, but hey, I had a GREAT weekend and it gave me the energy to take me on through the rest of this week. There are many hurdles to cross before we get to the first show on Saturday, but I am going to enjoy them all because it is part of the process (some one I know likes that word process, so I am going to use it- hee hee) and half of getting to enjoy the accomplishment is how you got there. Five days till show time- right now I remember why I do this!!!

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