Friday, October 31, 2008

Wait I Was Wrong

Even scarier!

Happy Halloween

The scariest costume I've seen all night!

Wickedly Good Birthday

Happy 5th birthday on Broadway Wicked! Nikki and I saw the show yesterday at the Fox. It was my second time, her first. It is a very good show- great spectacle. The first time I concentrade so hard aon watching everything that I think I missed a bit. This time I could watch for things I hadn't seen before. All good shows take at least a couple of viewings, especially with the phenominal technology in the theatre right now. Effie and I, however, can do the same with a role of duct tape, a flashlight and some aluminum foil.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Is Not a Choice, It's a Given

I am deeply concerned- more than I was last week when I wrote my first political rant.

Today my students were working in groups and I floated from one to another to check their progress. As I was with one group, I heard another nearby talking about the election. They were discussing certain issues that clearly they had no experience with and were just repeating what they had heard their parents saying. The collective opinion was that it would be best if Obama was elected because it would be easier for girls to get abortions. In their opinion, girls are going to get abortions anyway, so you might as well make it legal and safer. These were girls that were talking!

I don't get why a person can think it is ok to abort a baby they don't want- and that is what it boils down to, no matter the situation, she doesn't want it. It is black and white, no grey area- no matter the situation. You want it or you don't. God gave it to you and He wil take care of the situation. There will be several people that read this (and I was surprised at the number that actually do after my last Obama post) and say, "but what about...". No matter- God will take care of it. Those same people would not permit a mother to kill her three year old when she was tired it him or her- so what is the choice about? Those same people would not allow a mother to kill her two year old when he or she was diagnosed with MS- but yet it is ok while they are in the womb? No difference. Harmful to the mothers health? I dare say many a teenager whose mother is in therapy or hospitlized for mental and physical anguish due to their children's actions would not kill a kid of sixteen. Ok, ok so you want to make a point of medical reasons for abortion. Look at the statistics- out of the millions of abortions performed annually, only one percent is dealing with health realated issues.

Wake up America! You are raising a bunch of easy going, get it your way, lazy, self-satisifying welfare junkies. God have mercy- I can't say that enough. Where are the Christians with values? Where are the Fathers and Mothers who teach their children about life instead of worldly success?

I am shocked at the casual nature of the conversation of people I respect when talking about the issues in this election. People with morals making choices that seem to be absent of any morals what so ever. One of the saddest I've heard was, "We need to take care of this economy. Why do we need to worry about people killing their babies, we won't be able to feed them. They'd be better off."

Woe unto the man who a harms a little child. It would be better to tie a rock around your neck and throw yourself into the depths of the sea. God said that, not me.

Just think, we still have a week before the election. I'm just getting heated up. Needless to say, if you don't like the postings I write (and some have said they don't), exercise you right to choose which you so boldly preach about and don't click on this site.

Want to Hear Something Funny?

The candidate (who shall remain nameless... but did you see the snow this morning?) opposite of Nikki's Mom (see sign above) has claimed in public forums that I have attended, that because of his efforts in obtaining special funding for the drop out program in schools, Nantahala School has a 100% graduation rate. Funny thing is, he doesn't know there is only a dozen that graduate from there each year. Sad part is, neither do the people listening. Vote in one week!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures on a Sunday Afternoon

So yesterday Sarah Palin was at the Civic Center in Asheville. Back in the middle of last week, Nikki and I had planed to go and yesterday after church, Nikki, my Mom, Jennifer (Nikki's Mom's election assistant and myself headed over to Asheville. The doors opened at 4:00pm so we left at 1:00pm thinking that would get us enough time. When we got there by 2:15pm, the line was already around the back of the civic center and growing. We wandered to the back of the line which kept growing and growing every minute- at least we were in the sunshine because the wind was rather brisk.

About 45 minutes into our wait, a man came around and said the were going to seat the people with special needs first and anyone that fit into that gourp should make their way to the door. Jennifer was diagnosed with MS several years ago and has to use a cane to walk. He told her to go on and my Mom to go with her to assist. They made their way closer to the door, but not quite. Nikki and I stayed on the street where we started. After about 30 minutes, Jennier called my phone and said they were at a stand still because security was so slow. So we waited, talked to the people around us, enjoyed some really fun politcal buttons and stood. And stood. And stood.

Finally, about 4pm, the line started moving at a snail's pace. We would go maybe ten feet every thirty minutes or so and at 5:30pm, Jennifer called and said she and mom were in and would be saving us a seat in section 219. Good, we have seats, we just need to get to the door.

6pm- line still slow and I have to use the restroom so bad my eyes are floating. I leave Nikki in the line with our new friends and walk down the street a few blocks where I find a bakery that is open. On my way there I had to walk through a throng of Obama supporters yelling and waving their pitiful signs in the air. Bless them- they need some serious prayer... and a shower. I get into the doors of the bakery but before they will give me the key to the restroom I have to buy a cookie. Oh, well. I make it back through the protestors (holding my breath) and find Nikki about twenty feet forward from where we were. Progress!!!

7pm- We are about 100 feet from the entrance to the civic center. Sun is gone, wind is cold and the news vans are to our right blowing fuel fumes all over. Jennifer has been calling every so often to see where we are and sadly each time I tell her about five feet from where we were. Rumor has it the arena is full and people are not going to be let in. I walk up to the enterance and explain to a security guard that we have people inside waiting for us in the handicap group. All they say is we have to wait.

7:15pm- Nikki and I say goodbye to our friends because we know now the palce is full and only a select few are going to be allowed in the Thomas-Wolfe auditorium to watch on closed ciruit TV. I find a VIP entrance and explain to them that we have people waiting. They said there is nothing they can do, but to go to the handicap entrance. We do and no on will let us in. As we are deciding where to go to wait for Mom and Jennifer, because we aren't going to see Sarah now, the man who had collected them earlier goes walking by. I go to him and explain the situation. He was an angel. He said to follow him and act cool. We did. He got us in to the lobby and through security only to come to the glass doors of the main entrance into the arena where policemen were there with a dog. He said the fire marshall had shut the place down and would let no one else in. I explained the situation and said we had seats. He said there is nothing he could do because everyone had been saying that. I called Jennifer and she came to the glass doors. She stood three feet away from us talking on her phone, pointing to security people as they shook their heads no.

At that moment Nikki and I realized we were not getting in. Someone in the lobby said we could go into the Thomas-Wolfe and watch if we liked. We both agreed if we wanted to see her on TV we would have stayed home. Then by some twist, a lady came to the door and told a specific group to make their line single file. They were going to get in!!!!! I grabed Nikki and for a brief moment, we became a part of that group. As we went through the door, Nikki was in such a hurry that she traped my right leg in the turnstile. No matter, I swung the left one up and over jumping to the ground. A security guard told me to take it easy and calm down. If only he knew.

I called Jennifer and told her we were in! She said come to section 219 which was three-fourths of the way around the building. Nikki and I ran like there was no tomorrow. Boy, does Jesus love us. We went through so much and so many people kept telling us no then another would let us a little closer when it looked as if we were at a stand still.

We got to our seats, about 100 feet away from the podium and sat down. We were cold, hungry and shaking from the excitement. We heard Sarah speak, took some pictures and went on our way.

As we left, the protesters had grown to include a group of people dressed a zombies. Not just a group, but hundreds. I prayed for them too, not just that they would come to their senses and take a bath, but if they are going to do special effects make-up, do some research and make it good. Amatures. Saddest looking zombies I had ever seen. But, a reallty fun adventure!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here we are!

Five hours in line and we finally made it!

Waiting to See Sarah

Kiss it Obama!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Quiet Conservative Views and the Liberals of the World That Will Dislike Me- Recap

So the other day I wrote probably the longest post of my life just to delete it a few hours later. Why? Because I felt I was being too harsh. I completely beleive in an opinion, but I also feel that in some situations, compasion outweighs finger pointing. Here it is in a nutshell... and this is the sanitized version.

I have never been one to preach for a specific candidate. I have never been into politics. I do my research, I know who stands for which issue and then I make my choice on election day. Although I am a conservative Republican, I'm not a straight ticket kind o person. Times have changed, mainly because I am no longer voting for my own interests, but rather in the interests of my family and future children. We hear every election that this is the election that will be the most important ever. Yea, yea, yea- but this time, I'm pretty sure that is true.

My rant all began with an article that I saw which was titled: "Conservative Republican, the New Gay." What?!?!?!? As I read, I found out that this writing was saying how in years past society celebrated a conservative viewpoint and taboo things like homosexuality were to be kept quiet. Now those ideas have been flip-flopped. Conservative viewpoints should be kept to yourself and be your own private lifestyle, while homosexuality, premarital sex and "open" relationships should be the norm and discussed freely so those younger people in the world will realize there is nothing wrong with making your own choices and to be who you want to be. God have mercy. Where did we go wrong?

This article really upset me mainly because I have never been one to push my conservative views on someone. I talk openly about what I beleive, I tell stories or testimonies about the way my life is affected by my moral choices, but I don't slam my opinion on someone. I know religion and faith is a personal thing and I respect anyone's right to believe what you belive- no matter how ridiculous in comparison to mine. Granted, I do have my limits of respect when it comes to some beliefs, especially those involving killing. It is that whole compassion thing. One of my favorite scriptures is Jude 1:22- "And some have compassion, making a difference." This is what kept me from tearing off heads somedays at school.

But in my "respect" and "compassion" have I become tolerant instead of respectful? I can respect what you beleive, but I don't have to tolerate it if it affects me and my children as well. I know who I will vote for in a week and a half- McCain and Palin- and they are not the popular choice because there are some issues (which the world now says keep quiet about) that I agree with them on. Granted this is not the year to celebrate a candidate, but rather see whose policies come closer to your own beleifs. And when I cast my vote, I do it for the future of my wife and future children and my nieces and nephews. It is their future, more than my own that I am voting for.

In years to come when my children are reading about this life-changing election, I cannot tell them that I voted for a man who made it so easy for people to abort their babies. I will not let that little circle beside Obama's name represent the blood of thousands of babies on my hands. I might as well take a weed wacker down to the nursery of the hospital. To me, there is no difference. Dramatic? Maybe. Harsh? No. True? Yes. I don't get how so many people have become so relaxed about abortion. Remember a few years ago when that woman put her two children in her car and then pushed it into the lake? So many people were so upset with that disgusting action, but yet those same people say abortion is a choice. Either way, you are killing a baby. The only difference is society has made it possible to commit murder without facing a jail sentence.

I will not vote for a man that will allow my children to see a man marry another man and it be honored by the government in the same manner as a woman and a man's sacred union. I want to say and I will say I did not vote for that.

We hear Obama talk about the change- the golden fields of promise and prosperity (just watch for the terrorists hiding in the grass) and the money issue. Economic growth is all anyone cares about. But I bet if we got our morals in line as a country, we would be blessed beyond belief. Great! We are rich as can be while hurdling to hell faster every day- that's where he wants to lead us. Everyone bashes George W. Yes, he has his faults as we all do- but he has morals. The idea of respecting a President is out the window. I blame that on Clinton. True, we were a prosperous country while he was in the white house, and that is all anyone cared about. No big deal he was getting it on in the oval office with an intern. No problem. As a matter of fact it became a joke. When Nikki and I were in D.C. last summer, part of the historical tour takes visitors to the hotel where Lewinsky did her interviews. Now we celebrate infidelity. Do I hear a shout out to Sodom and Gomora?

Who knows who will be our next President? I guess we will all know in little over a week. I do know that whoever it may be, I will respect them as President of this country, but I don't have to tolerate them. So all the liberals in the world who disagree with me- wondrful! That is what is so amazing about the freedom of speech. You can have you opinions, and buttons and bumper stickers (which I think are tacky no matter what) but you will no longer run me over like a greyhound bus trying to stomp out my moral beliefs and tell me how wrong I am for going against the grain of society's acceptance. I will not keep quiet. I am a conservative and I will not pack it away in a closet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Cat Walk

Today I went on a walk through at the SMCFPA. I have been there several times talking with Phil, Neil (the construction guy) and Effie. When y'all get to see inside that place you are going to flip! It is amazing the progress that the construction workers are able to accomplish in just a week. There are beams and such installed now and you can see the shape of the rooms and where doors are and so on. Last week when Effie and I were there, they were welding the cat walk... let me rephrase that, they were welding the final bit on one of the THREE cat walks that cover the auditorium. Today as I was talking to Neil I noticed no one was welding, so I asked if it was completed. With a grin he said "yes", obviously knowing what my next question was. Before he could finish asking if I wanted to go up, I flew up the stairs fast than a space shuttle leaving Cape Canaveral. I have never been one to get woosie from heights, but let me tell you- that sucker is in the air! And I only went to the first level of three. It is great fun to go out there and day dream. Tee-hee!

Monday, October 13, 2008

There's No Business Like... (You Know the Rest)

The place where Effie and I will get to play full time come June... a playground like none we've ever had! See it here.