Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Max & Laura News

More news on the Max and Laura Grease thing: See photos, watch a video and read about what has been happening in the past forty-eight hours. Not that anybody cares, but we spent ten weeks with these people- we can't forget about them now. At least on the video and in the pictures they look as if they have a bit more chemistry than on the show.

Spanking Article

This is an article from the March 27, 2007 issue of The Franklin Press.

Currently in North Carolina, the only people who can smack someone on the buttocks as part of their paid professional duties are prostitutes, porn stars and educators employed in schools that practice paddling. Medical science has long recognized, and documented in great detail, how being struck on the buttocks can stimulate sexual feelings. Children of school age are especially susceptible. The tragic consequence for some who are subjected to this kind of maltreatment is that they form a connection between pain, humiliation and sexual arousal that endures the rest of their lives. We can never know how many innocent children have had their sexual development derailed by school paddlings. Any number is too many.

Give me a freakin' break!!!! How ridiculous is that statement. If anything, the lack of spanking creates more promiscuous behavior. I heard recently that in a western state of the U.S. a law was trying to be passed that would not allow parents to spank their own children! Is there not enough lawlessness and immorality in the world? The lack of discipline in a society creates a chaotic state of of self-promotion, self-righteousness and self-gratification without any regard for anyone else. We as Americans have listened to too much psycho mumbo jumbo and are creating a society that is paralyzed due to what these "doctors" have deemed appropriate and inappropriate. God created rear ends to be smacked when being disobedient- if that wasn't true, there wouldn't have been padding. Now, don't get me wrong- I do not believe in abuse, but I do believe in spanking and I don't believe that a truly disciplined spanking creates a screwed up person as an adult. It is time that people of moral, social and God believing values took a stand against those trying to tell us how to raise our children and dictate that we live our lives according to the social and psychological crap that they call appropriate. I am sick of it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This has been one of those days- whew! One of those days where as soon as you walk in the door the craziness begins. From programs in the FAB to people wanting to book programs in the FAB and wondering why we can't tear down an entire set for them to do a one night event to new heat and air installation, not knowing for sure when it will be finished (Aida?!?!) to people asking to borrow this or that and not understanding it is packed away, buried beneath a pile of stuff to trama-filled teenagers to my fridge is empty- no Dr. Peppers! EEEEK! I think the last is the worst. Tuesdays always tire me, but hey look at all I have going on successfully. Footloose is coming along nicely (we get to concentrate on set and costumes heavily beginning tomorrow), the weather is amazing, and spring break is in thirteen days. Yay! I guess if it wasn't for crazy days, we wouldn't know we had really, really good ones- they'd all be really, really good ones and then they would merely be mediocre. Once I heard a little kid ask an older man why people had to die? The older man's answer: Without death, we wouldn't truly know how to live. Dr. Pepper is calling my name- that's what I call living!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Grease Finale

So, here we are. Grease has finally been cast, even though it is not the way I would have cast it. Yay, for Laura, Max... well, nevermind. Look at the chemistry in this picture- zipo! But compared to the rest of the cast that they showed at the end of last nights finale, Max and Laura look like they are in preschool. If you haven't read the Grease message boards about the show, check it out here- some of them are too funny. Here are some other articles about the new stars, the other cast members and misc. stuff. O-o-o-, honey!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ahhhh, Spring!

Today is a beautiful day! Flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, everyone's eyes seem brighter in the spring. What a beautiful world the Lord has created!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Love Easter

Look Nikki, chocolate... it's almost Sunday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Wrap Up

Ok, ok Amanda, here you go...
Footloose is going well. We are actually on schedule- shocker! The kids are doing a great job and the adults will be too now that they are actually required to come to rehearsal. Life is good, but fast. Interesting things I know... the casting is complete for the Broadway bound Little Mermaid musical by Disney. Two of my favorite actors are in it- Sherri Rene Scott (who was the original Amneris in Aida) will be playing Ursual and Norm Lewis who has the richest, most amazing male singing voice ever, will be playing King Triton. If you have never heard him sing, find a cd and listen. I think we should all go to Colorado and see this show at the end of the summer- I'm trying to figure out how they are going to accomplish all that underwater, fins no feet stuff. Go to and read the article. Will post some more show news in the next few days- Footloose, Aida and Annie Get Your Gun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Footloose Update #2

The stagecraft class is working hard to get scenery and props to a point to where we can at least rehearse with them- some are getting done completely. I like it when things are being completed a month before we nee them.
While some paint, Anna and Elise rehearse their "Holding Out for a Hero" number (Taylor had to take a writing test today).

And others think they are the heroes...

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Phantom Returns

I just read that Andrew Llyod Webber is once again working on a Phantom of the Opera sequel, which he originally aborted in the late 90's. The next edition is called The Phantom of Manhattan and is told by a dying Madame Giry. Seems after the Phantom disappers at the end of the origianl, he flees to New York City and becomes a wealthy mogal who opens his own opera house to which Christine, who is now married to Rhoul and has a son, comes to perform. Hmmm? I don't know if this sounds cheesy or interesting- maybe a little of both. After seeing the origianl Phantom five times, I would be happy to see what comes next. I'm a sucker for sequels, although they are never as good as the original... other than Toy Story 2.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Footloose Update #1

Footloose rehearsals are coming along nicely. I've been meaning to post pictures and such but have been so busy at rehearsal that I've forgotten to take the photos. Here is from last night where we were wroking the "I'm Free" song at the end of Act One. This cast has lots of energy- it is going to be a great show! Notice the concentration on Jarrod's face in the bottom photo. Ha!