Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Wrap Up

Ok, ok Amanda, here you go...
Footloose is going well. We are actually on schedule- shocker! The kids are doing a great job and the adults will be too now that they are actually required to come to rehearsal. Life is good, but fast. Interesting things I know... the casting is complete for the Broadway bound Little Mermaid musical by Disney. Two of my favorite actors are in it- Sherri Rene Scott (who was the original Amneris in Aida) will be playing Ursual and Norm Lewis who has the richest, most amazing male singing voice ever, will be playing King Triton. If you have never heard him sing, find a cd and listen. I think we should all go to Colorado and see this show at the end of the summer- I'm trying to figure out how they are going to accomplish all that underwater, fins no feet stuff. Go to and read the article. Will post some more show news in the next few days- Footloose, Aida and Annie Get Your Gun.

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