Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This has been one of those days- whew! One of those days where as soon as you walk in the door the craziness begins. From programs in the FAB to people wanting to book programs in the FAB and wondering why we can't tear down an entire set for them to do a one night event to new heat and air installation, not knowing for sure when it will be finished (Aida?!?!) to people asking to borrow this or that and not understanding it is packed away, buried beneath a pile of stuff to trama-filled teenagers to my fridge is empty- no Dr. Peppers! EEEEK! I think the last is the worst. Tuesdays always tire me, but hey look at all I have going on successfully. Footloose is coming along nicely (we get to concentrate on set and costumes heavily beginning tomorrow), the weather is amazing, and spring break is in thirteen days. Yay! I guess if it wasn't for crazy days, we wouldn't know we had really, really good ones- they'd all be really, really good ones and then they would merely be mediocre. Once I heard a little kid ask an older man why people had to die? The older man's answer: Without death, we wouldn't truly know how to live. Dr. Pepper is calling my name- that's what I call living!

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