Thursday, April 23, 2009

AIDA Auditions

AIDA Auditions- Open Call
Monday, April 27 at 7:00pm
Macon County Community Building- Hwy 441

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things I've Learned

I was having a discussion with some friends today and shared this bit of information about what I have seemed to understand over the years when it comes to working with people of an egotistical nature.

Professionals tell you how good they are. Amateurs show you. Professionals built the Titanic. An amateur built the ark.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1st Anniversary

One year ago today, Nikki and I were married. Can you believe it? A year? It has been a fun time, lots of adventures and new beginnings, but most of all some very sweet moments. To celebrate, we decided to post our slide show from our rehearsal dinner. Hope all of you enjoy our memories and will make new ones with us for many years to come. Cheers!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break- Part Two

When last we met... you can read below. But now, Nikki and I are home safe (as of last night.) We had a wonderful time visiting Paul- we hope he did not get tired of us. Anyway, we the night of the mesuem we went to see the movie Knowing. The first two-thirds of the film is terrifying! So on the edge of your seat wonderful and then if flops into the abyss. It makes the ending of the fourth Indiana Jones movie look like art. Paul was on one side of me saying, "I'm glad I don't have to go back to my apartment by myself tonight." Nikki is on the other side of me with her fingers in her ears huming. Yes, it was that un-nerving. When we left the theatre, we were all laughing. Such a disapointment... but nothing a trip to the cheesecake factory at 11pm can't fix. Just plain good- I love dessert before bed.

The next day, we slept late again. After rubbing the sleep from our eyes, Nikki and I headed out to the outlet malls- probably because she had only bought three pairs of shoes so far. We walked we had fun, we had snacks- go figure. Paul joined us and we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner- chicken cabobs for everyone! and then to the Disney Market place.

Our last full day in O-Town, Nikki and I rode down the street to a Barnes and Noble. She of course, found a Steinmart (aka clothing purgatory). Why? Because when she finds a Steinmart, I know I'm going to be sitting around a lot. Luckily, the B & N was on the same side walk. It was there I read the costume quote I posted earlier. I read another one about the difference between professionals and amateurs, but can't remember it. Paul had told us earlier in the week about another mall we hadn't visited. We got the directions and made our way down I-4 to the exit. Traffic was stop and go- very slow. Nikki and I were sitting still when we felt a push from behind- yep, rear ended. No damage but just a little scrape of paint on the back. We still made it to the mall. I bought shorts... and had pizza. Love it.

The next morning we got up, packed the car and headed north. Usually when you go on a trip, at some point you are ready to come home. I wasn't this time. I wanted more playing, more sun, more Disney, more sleeping late, more cheese cake. Wha, wha, whiny baby. Made it home with a few food stops along the way... ok, several food stops including our favorite- Carrabbas. Nikki and I ate Carrabbas one night on our honeymoon, so we can't decide if we really like to food or if we are emotionally attached to the restuarant. Either way, we say that night on the honeymoon at Carrabbas, we started eating and haven't stopped since. That night as we snuggled back into our own bed, the room was filled with the tart aroma of garlic. At home in our marshmellow bed smelling like garlic. All is well with the world.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Great quote I read today-

Great quote I read today- "There are no bad costumes, only actors who can't wear what the genius of the designer created." Said by some designer.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break- Part One

Spring break 2009. Originally, I thought Nikki and I would just hang out at home. Nikki spoke to Paul in Orlando and they decided we should come visit once more. Paul's apartment is becoming out timeshare, but instead of paying, we feed him dinner. Anyhow, with a few days of getting our act together, we loaded up the truck and move to Beverly, I mean we loaded up the SUV and headed out to the big "O" town. Crazy us, not thinking it is spring break, left Friday after school and made our way to Valdosta, GA for our usual pit stop. That was around 9pm. No room. Try another place. No room. One more. No room. Ok, ok, it is only 9pm, we will go down to Lake City. No room. Uh-oh. Thank goodness for technology, I got on my internet on my cell and started calling hotels I had googled. Gainsville, no room. Ocala, no room. Now it is 1am and we are only an hour from Orlando. Call Paul. No answer. We make one more feeble attempt at a room before leaving Ocala- ahhhhh, a dank little Ramada Inn with one non-smoking room. Not our usual choise for a place to stay, but so completely grateful. A good nights rest and then on to our destination. We got to Orlando Saturday afternoon and got settled in, then headed over to the Mall of Millenia and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Paul, finally got out of class and met us (with a special friend...hmmmm?) and we had a fun night of coversation and laughs. The next morning we headed out to the Magic Kingdom. A beautiful fun day. A long day. We were there by 8am and had ridden all of our favorites by lunch time. Nikki, Paul (his special friend) and I spent a wonderful time riding, eating and seeing shows.
" Celebrate You!" This years theme- I loved the decorations on the lampost, so I took a picture.

We've been so much (four times already this year!) and I love to find different ways to take pictures.

Nikki and I love Splash Mountain- Paul and his special friend were not so brave. They are still at the age where they are worried about their hair getting wet. We rode before 10am and got soaked... and loved it! Later in the day we rode again and didn't get as wet. We noticed the water levels were much higher in the morning. Space Mountain- we are too old for that- instant whiplash. Had a nice dinner, said goodbye to Mickey and the gang and came to Pauls house exhuasted. Nikki was a real trooper and fought through her fatigue. But she will outright say she was so the inhumility counteracts the compliment.
A few weeks ago, not knowing we were going to Orlando, I found online and article about an exhibit of Jim Henson memoribilia. I rembered yesterday that I read about the exhibit and looked it up on line. Just so happens, it was about 15 minutes from Paul's place.

Nikki and I loaded up- Paul took a nap, he's been entertaining a special friend and going to class- and headed over the The History Museum in downtown Orlando. Speaking of downtown, it is pretty cool, a place I haven't explored, but would like to and plan to more.

The exhibit was called Jim Henson's Fantastic World was great- not just because I got in free for being a teacher- but because it was so interesting. We saw an original Kermit, Bert and Ernie, Rowlf the Dog and Fraggles! There were lots of sketches and samples of equipment and conceptual drawings. I loved it and could have stayed all day. The best part about the whole experience was realizing how "normal" it all was. Sometimes when you see things in the movies or on tv, you think on what a grand scale it must all be, but those puppets were made from the same things I have in the scrap box- foam and paint. Makes me feel smart and at the same time so ready to be creative.

The best part- this is only the beginning of the week!