Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break- Part Two

When last we met... you can read below. But now, Nikki and I are home safe (as of last night.) We had a wonderful time visiting Paul- we hope he did not get tired of us. Anyway, we the night of the mesuem we went to see the movie Knowing. The first two-thirds of the film is terrifying! So on the edge of your seat wonderful and then if flops into the abyss. It makes the ending of the fourth Indiana Jones movie look like art. Paul was on one side of me saying, "I'm glad I don't have to go back to my apartment by myself tonight." Nikki is on the other side of me with her fingers in her ears huming. Yes, it was that un-nerving. When we left the theatre, we were all laughing. Such a disapointment... but nothing a trip to the cheesecake factory at 11pm can't fix. Just plain good- I love dessert before bed.

The next day, we slept late again. After rubbing the sleep from our eyes, Nikki and I headed out to the outlet malls- probably because she had only bought three pairs of shoes so far. We walked we had fun, we had snacks- go figure. Paul joined us and we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner- chicken cabobs for everyone! and then to the Disney Market place.

Our last full day in O-Town, Nikki and I rode down the street to a Barnes and Noble. She of course, found a Steinmart (aka clothing purgatory). Why? Because when she finds a Steinmart, I know I'm going to be sitting around a lot. Luckily, the B & N was on the same side walk. It was there I read the costume quote I posted earlier. I read another one about the difference between professionals and amateurs, but can't remember it. Paul had told us earlier in the week about another mall we hadn't visited. We got the directions and made our way down I-4 to the exit. Traffic was stop and go- very slow. Nikki and I were sitting still when we felt a push from behind- yep, rear ended. No damage but just a little scrape of paint on the back. We still made it to the mall. I bought shorts... and had pizza. Love it.

The next morning we got up, packed the car and headed north. Usually when you go on a trip, at some point you are ready to come home. I wasn't this time. I wanted more playing, more sun, more Disney, more sleeping late, more cheese cake. Wha, wha, whiny baby. Made it home with a few food stops along the way... ok, several food stops including our favorite- Carrabbas. Nikki and I ate Carrabbas one night on our honeymoon, so we can't decide if we really like to food or if we are emotionally attached to the restuarant. Either way, we say that night on the honeymoon at Carrabbas, we started eating and haven't stopped since. That night as we snuggled back into our own bed, the room was filled with the tart aroma of garlic. At home in our marshmellow bed smelling like garlic. All is well with the world.

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