Thursday, November 25, 2010

Go See It!!!

If you have two hours to spare this weekend, go see the newest Disney animated feature Tangled. If you do not have two hours to spare this weekend, make two hours and go see it. This latest creation by the Disney masters is phenomenal! After several years of duds (yes, I'm including the Pixar movies too- I don't think they are as great as everyone exclaims, although Bugs Life is pretty near perfect), finally a great movie musical that has a story and dazzling visuals. Not since Pocahontas (yes- I love that one much to the shrugs of others) has there been a classic golden Disney musical. Movies like this is why I am such a nut over the creative wonders of the Disney organization. Great storytelling, wonderful music by Alan Menkin (the greatest musical writer of all time) and everything magical that a movie could and should be- did I mention it has a great story. It is so great to have an interesting plot. So, so, so good! I plan to see it at least five more times, I suggest you do the same. Did I mention I think everyone should go see it? When I first heard Mandy Moore was the voice of Rapunzel, I was distraught- but I even like her in this movie. In others words, go see it. Twice.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Wife...

Being naughty.