Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Superman Returns!

The movie to see this summer! Now if only they will get Wonder Woman on the big screen... Check out the official Superman Returns web site.

Good Wishes and Prayers

Betsey's husband, Gary is still very sick and in the hospital in Asheville. Please remember them in your prayers. Betsey has appeared in every show but one since the beginning of the play group and Gary is always the silent supporter with wonderful articles and pictures in their newspaper. Much love to them and their family.

Academy Award Nominations Announced

The nominations for this year's Oscars have been announced. Click here for the full listing. Go Reece Witherspoon and Walk the Line!

Boys Rehearsal

We had a male only rehearsal last night where we learned the music and even choreographed a number. They did very well and caught on fast- Justin is very graceful in his "moon boots". Girls, you're gonna have to work hard to steal the attention from we the dancing manly-men. This show is going to be great fun, but getting it (or any other show, especially a musical) on its feet is always the most difficult and time consuming.

Nice Compliment

I stopped to get my morning tea today and had a lady tell me she was excited about the dinner show coming up and she had a group of friends coming from Asheville to see it. She was very complimentary about our shows and said after each show she couldn't wait for the next one. There was a lady behind me in the line and she overheard the conversation and said she was going to see about tickets also because it sounds really fun. Yeah!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Award-Winning Playwright Wendy Wasserstien Dies

Playwright Wendy Wasserstien died this morning. She was the award winning writer of The Sisters Rosensweig, The Heidi Chronicles, An American Daughter and several other off-broadway productions. I remember her from Modern Drama class in college and how fun it was to say her name. Check out the article about her on broadway.com.

The Scourge of the Seas

My aunt sent this picture of her dad in his pirate make-up and garb. He said it is interesting and fun, but a lot of sitting around and waiting.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Celebrity in My Family

My aunt's dad is currently filming Pirate's of the Caribbean in the Bahamas. He wrote the other day that he spent the entire day floating on "The Black Pearl" pirate ship. Pretty cool, eh? They aren't allowed to take pictures of them in costume, but this is him with his scruffy pirate beard. I got to visit him and his wife this summer and sail around the Keys in their boat. Very nice and fun people and a great experience. I can't wait to hear about all he got to do and who he got to see... arg, ye land lovers!

First Complaint

I heard my first complaint today about the ticket price for the dinner show. Seeing how we charged $20 for just dessert, we thought $35 was not very much more for an ENTIRE MEAL AND A SHOW. We shall see... we may be doing this entire show with only my parents in the audience. Granted we don't get vey many complaints about anything and we love doing shows for the people of the community, but, boy-oh-boy, folks don't realize how expensive it is to produce a perfomance.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Chronicles Begin

The chronicles begin... in written form that is. Many people often ask the way we get started doing a show or how the entire thing launches from idea to concept to casting, rehearsal and production. This is my production diary. Sure, we have done a large number of shows- but now you can see the excitement, frustrations and satisfaction. I'll be sure to add rehearsal photos as we go along and proabably vent a bit. All in all, through every up and down, there is nothing I would rather do with a greater group of people. "All the world's a stage..." Let's play!