Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Is Not a Choice, It's a Given

I am deeply concerned- more than I was last week when I wrote my first political rant.

Today my students were working in groups and I floated from one to another to check their progress. As I was with one group, I heard another nearby talking about the election. They were discussing certain issues that clearly they had no experience with and were just repeating what they had heard their parents saying. The collective opinion was that it would be best if Obama was elected because it would be easier for girls to get abortions. In their opinion, girls are going to get abortions anyway, so you might as well make it legal and safer. These were girls that were talking!

I don't get why a person can think it is ok to abort a baby they don't want- and that is what it boils down to, no matter the situation, she doesn't want it. It is black and white, no grey area- no matter the situation. You want it or you don't. God gave it to you and He wil take care of the situation. There will be several people that read this (and I was surprised at the number that actually do after my last Obama post) and say, "but what about...". No matter- God will take care of it. Those same people would not permit a mother to kill her three year old when she was tired it him or her- so what is the choice about? Those same people would not allow a mother to kill her two year old when he or she was diagnosed with MS- but yet it is ok while they are in the womb? No difference. Harmful to the mothers health? I dare say many a teenager whose mother is in therapy or hospitlized for mental and physical anguish due to their children's actions would not kill a kid of sixteen. Ok, ok so you want to make a point of medical reasons for abortion. Look at the statistics- out of the millions of abortions performed annually, only one percent is dealing with health realated issues.

Wake up America! You are raising a bunch of easy going, get it your way, lazy, self-satisifying welfare junkies. God have mercy- I can't say that enough. Where are the Christians with values? Where are the Fathers and Mothers who teach their children about life instead of worldly success?

I am shocked at the casual nature of the conversation of people I respect when talking about the issues in this election. People with morals making choices that seem to be absent of any morals what so ever. One of the saddest I've heard was, "We need to take care of this economy. Why do we need to worry about people killing their babies, we won't be able to feed them. They'd be better off."

Woe unto the man who a harms a little child. It would be better to tie a rock around your neck and throw yourself into the depths of the sea. God said that, not me.

Just think, we still have a week before the election. I'm just getting heated up. Needless to say, if you don't like the postings I write (and some have said they don't), exercise you right to choose which you so boldly preach about and don't click on this site.

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Wright Family said...

I wonder if some of this kind of thinking is encouraged by the class over in the next building where kids are told they came from monkeys....and that there isn't much difference.......