Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Cat Walk

Today I went on a walk through at the SMCFPA. I have been there several times talking with Phil, Neil (the construction guy) and Effie. When y'all get to see inside that place you are going to flip! It is amazing the progress that the construction workers are able to accomplish in just a week. There are beams and such installed now and you can see the shape of the rooms and where doors are and so on. Last week when Effie and I were there, they were welding the cat walk... let me rephrase that, they were welding the final bit on one of the THREE cat walks that cover the auditorium. Today as I was talking to Neil I noticed no one was welding, so I asked if it was completed. With a grin he said "yes", obviously knowing what my next question was. Before he could finish asking if I wanted to go up, I flew up the stairs fast than a space shuttle leaving Cape Canaveral. I have never been one to get woosie from heights, but let me tell you- that sucker is in the air! And I only went to the first level of three. It is great fun to go out there and day dream. Tee-hee!

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