Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fox Theatre Tour

I took the some of the drama kids to tour the Fox Theatre on Monday. It was a great trip. Our tour guide was very interesting and funny. He knew so much history about the theatre as well as many small details that are often overlooked when you are visiting for a show. The most amazing thing we found out is there is a little man named Joe that lives in the top of the Fox in an apartment. We didn't get to go on stage because they were setting up for a show. But we got to go right to the edge and could see the entire wing space on each side. There was maybe twenty-five feet of wing space on each side. Much smaller than I imagined. When thinking back about the shows I've seen there like Beauty and the Beast and Phantom and so on, I wonder where do they put the scenery because those shows have massive set pieces. The stage itself is only as deep as the Fine Arts stage. It is maybe about twenty feet wider, but so shallow. When you sit in the audience, the stage looks so big. Standing on the edge, it is so tiny. We also got to see all the ballrooms and beautiful stairwells- each so detailed it will blow your mind. As an added bonus, we got to go into all the rest rooms and lounges- I'd never seen the girls side. Our one and a half hour tour ended up lasting three hours, but it went by very fast. There was so much more to see... and they gave us popcorn! The Egyptian ballroom, was great- I think we need to take a playgroup field trip for Aida research.


CamilaJW said...

is the girls bathroom different from the boys?

ScottyLC said...

Way different- the girls is Islamic and Plush, the guys are Egyptian and rugged.