Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gotta See This!

I was at Lowe's this morning getting paint mixed. As I waited, I wandered back to the Christmas section where they are beginning to put out decorations. I love the first time you start to see Christmas decorations appearing on the store shelves! Anyway, I see this thing perched among all the tacky and awful robots that are being created these days, but this one is different. The Santa sounds like a jazz singer and the reindeer are his back ups that dance and spin and shake. I stood there and laughed like a maniac. I kept waving my hand in front of it to activate the motion sensor until I had heard his entire production number. You have to go see this thing! Granted, maybe it wasn't that great and maybe I am just tired from late night scenery painting, or maybe I am just ready for a little Christmas cheer. Either way, it made my morning.


Anonymous said...

Do you think we could use them as backup singers for the Christmas show?

Amanda said...

I'm shocked! Shocked and appalled!!!
How could you be so mean?
Friends don't let friends not get to work on show sets.