Saturday, February 17, 2007

Show Art

I was looking over the web for different ideas on Aida, Footloose and Annie Get Your Gun logos and got completely sidetracked by the different show posters that have been presented over the years. When looking at the window cards, you can see how each poster represents the essence of what that show is truly about. Some of them are quiet beautiful to look at, a piece of art in their own right. Some of them even become iconic- with out even seeing the title we recognize that the little face of Cosette represents Les Mis or the mask and rose belong to the Phantom and what about those cat eyes? You can also trace the "fads" of show posters through history by the style they were created. In the mid 1990's, photo collages were big, like shown in Chicago and Rent. In the early 2000's photos of the stars were used on the posters, such as The Boy from Oz and The Producers. All in all, I think show posters are wonderful to look at- just seeing one makes me excited to imagine what might be on the stage.

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