Monday, August 27, 2007

179 Left To Go

Let me tell you about my morning. My classes are good, I believe I am going to have lots of fun this year, however, getting to school is going to be the challenge. I live maybe four miles from school, could be closer to five. Usually it takes fvie to seven minutes to get there. This morning I left home at 7:33am. I finally got to park my car at 7:52am- yes, it took me 19 minutes. Why you ask? Because I sat behind two other cars which were behind a stopped school bus with the sign out and lights flashing and all while the mom stood on the street near the bus putting her daughter's hair in a ponytail. By the time the child actually got on the bus the line of traffic behind me had grown out of sight in my rearview mirror. If that wasn't enough, another child from the house ran to the bus to deliever a lunch box that had been left behind. It was very entertaining and at the same time very sad to see that the mentality of the world had come to the point of it's about me and it doesn't matter how many people it affects. I guess I can go another way to school if that happens again or I can leave a package on the doorstep of that house with a gift of an alarm clock inside or I can laugh about it and hope tomorrow we don't opt for two pigtails rather than the one ponytail.

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