Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I've always thought that if you believe in someone what their accomplishments will be only as good as your encouragements. Half of what I do as a profession is brainwashing. You convince an actor to become "real" in the moment of the show even though they are wearing someone else's clothes and standing in front of a tree that is cardboard. You convince an audience that the situation is "real" and expect them to become emotionally involved in what is going on in front of them, even though that person is really not dying or that monster is about to eat the little girl in a red cape. The funny thing is- they do. They cry, laugh and completely get wrapped up in the moment of fake reality. You expect alot out of total strangers and most of them are happy to submit. Crazy thing, this acting stuff. Crazy world. Believing is two-thirds the battle. Far too many people don't believe anymore. To expect anything less would be asking someone to be average. Pi-shaw!

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