Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Camila's Big Three- Oh!

Not realizing what day it was, Camila got up this morning to read in the newspsper that she turns thirty!
She had probably forgotten due to the wild antics of the previous eve in which she sang tango songs in a bar while imitating a blowfish. Been there, done that, was glad no one had a camera to take my picture.

Besty did remember, however, and tried to sing a birthday song. Camila wan't interested in listening.

After much deliberation, Camila felt the only way to recapture her youth was to become a red headed can-can dancer at Ghost Town. Sadly, it is the off season and the gig didn't last. Notice the extreme curl in the hair- don't tell me she and Everett aren't blood relatives.

Seeing that red heads only get sun burned easily, Camila decided to go blonde and see if they do have more fun. I can't really tell you what happened there because her laywers say it hasn't gone to trial yet, but as a blonde, she and her other friendies enjoy taunting Kathi with the fact that she will always be older.

Youth, where are you?!?!?!?!
Happy B-Day Camiler!

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