Monday, February 18, 2008

So Many Things at Once!

So, I've been posting a bunch of silly stuff lately- and why not, I like to laugh a bit- but to update on other things, Nikki and I finally have a place to live! We found the perfect little apartment- nice, clean, surrounded by old people that like to watch every move you make. We feel safe- talk about neighborhood watch! Once we signed the lease we realized we needed to get a few things or sit on the floor. After several trips to cities nearby we also have a couch, chair, dining set, a bed, curtains, lamps and as of last night a matress that will be like sleeping on marshmellow cream! We also have a honeymoon plan- top secret! Show is coming along (more on that later), life is coming along, and wedding plans are coming along. Life is great fun right now, even when I'm stressed.

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