Monday, September 22, 2008

Catchin' Up

So it has been a while since I just wrote random thought about everything happening. Here it goes. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever will begin rehearsals tomorrow night. Cast of 60- what was I thinking? Oh yeah, I like big cast because we sell more tickets. That's what I was thinking.Nikki and I went tot he fair with Jazzy wearing a t-shirt promoting her mom's bid for Senate. Note to self, if ever you want to be noticed put a t-shirt on a dog and go to a public place. Jazzy will now sport ever show t-shirt from now on- best advertisement in the world and much cheaper than newspaper ads. Saturday we celebrated Rachel's 18th brithday. Now she can vote and die for her country. It was great fun because we got to do all the things I like. Going to the mall, where Nikki and I both went on a shopping spree, me buying three arguile (no way do I know how to spell that) sweater vests and Nikki buying everything else. There is something about the felling of on coming fall that makes you want to buy clothes... at least that is what Nikki says. We also discovered a new mall in Alpharetta. You see, I had found this jacket in Banana Republic that was a great buy and they didn't have my size, so the salesman said they did a Nirth Point Mall in Alpharetta. I say call them and tell them to hold it. I meet back up with tha gang and surprise, surprise we are going on a nother adventure. And a great adventure it turned out to be- new mall, great stores and an entire shopping area with fun stuff all around (there is a Z gallery there- if you've never been to a Z gallery, go!). Then to top it all off, dinner at Bahama Breeze. So good! I don't know if Rachel had a good time, but I sure did. If not, oh well- it was only her birthday. Yesterday was to be a day of rest. Instead Nikki nad I finally got the house clean and the spare bedroom in order. Pictures were hung, clothes were put away and we still had time to watch the Emmys (snooze) and bake cookies. It was a very nice weekend. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that as of Friday, Nikki and I have been married five months! Where is time going? School is fine, play will be fun and some exciting stuff is just over the horizon. With the approach of fall I fell the need for a corn dog, tater tot, mac & cheese party.


nikki said...

Hi babe- I am just assuming you typed this with your blackberry because it sounds like you are from the "hood" with the way you spelled some of the words. I am laughing hysterically!!!

cjw said...

i of course, missed all the misspelled words, because i can't spell, but what is that Z thing you were talking about????