Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Like Christmas

Our happy little tree... ok, maybe not so little. From the floor to the top of the angel is around eleven feet- it's a little chopped off, I couldn't fit the whole tree in the photo. When we were picking out decorations, we figured it was going to be the tackiest or the most beautiful tree ever with lime green, hot pink and icy blue- we lean towards the latter and love it.
You can see Nikki in the corner of the picture praying over our gifts hoping they will multiply... just joking, she is working on Christmas cards.
A closer look.

And for years, some little reindeer have set under my Christmas tree. I'm glad Nikki was open to adopting them. Maybe this is what we should do to Jazzy when... nevermind, I'll get fussed at for that comment.


Amanda said...

It looks beautiful!

(I thought Nikki was on her knees to make the tree seem that much taller) :)

nikki said...

Good observation, Amanda. I love how my husband makes me look so humble : ) Actually, I was working on Christmas cards and I was on my knees because I was working on a tv tray : )

TFCollins said...

Scotty & Nikki, I am so glad you posted these pictures. I kept hearing "tall tales" about the tree - now I get to see it! WOW! It is not quite as bright as your back yard! So, what happened to Jaz?

nikki said...

Thanks, Tracy! Come by and see it! We would love to for you to- Jazzy had his surgery on Tuesday and is doing well. Hope you all are having fun!

Amanda said...

Is that fairy-godmother magic under the tree???