Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gettin' Funky

Nikki and I celebrated our birthday with a 1970's roller disco party (she didn't know till we drove up to the skating rink- tee hee) complete with a cake fitted for a funky-get-down-night.
Fun for all involved. I'm not sure who these kids are. I think they just snuck in and ate free food.

Andy's first time on wheels. Looks like he's getting the hang of it. Ok- maybe he's just hanging onto Nellie... or hanging on for dear life.
Rachel was a skating maniac. The wind could not even keep up with her.

Some folks came dressed. Kind of creeps me out.

Some folks just pulled out clothes from the back of their closet. Effie wore this exact outfit to the original Woodstock... and Abraham Lincoln's inauguration.

You bet your sweet bippy!

Freaks on parade. This is the reason certain folks should be made to report their history when moving into a new neighborhood.

Hoping it's ladies night...

Rachel and Amanda had a race to see who could break the sound barrier first.

Some of our little ones needed extra attention...

Like Camila with Rosie...

Like Alex (sans skates) with Rachel.

Some of our older ones couldn't make it all night. It could be the left over smells attached to the vest that are making her sleepy... if you know what I mean.

Birthday girl and fabulously fun foreign lady. She gets a bit of an excuse. Growing up in England, she didn't know that leg warmers arrived until the '80s. Everyone went home having lots of fun and happy...

Some folks just tried to get home and leave the freaks behind. Is she pointing to the door, police or a needle and thread so he can sew the button back on his shirt.
Thanks y'all! It was a great fun time. We need to do it again before we all are too old and get more sore than we were the following day or worse we collapse in the concession area like Effie.


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Scotty & Nikki! Hate we missed the party, it looks fabulous :)

Amanda said...

Those pictures and captions are fabulous! It was such a great idea, Scotty! It is wonderful to see a man love to think of creative ways to bless his wife and show her how special she is to him.
Happy birthday you two! :D

ASligh said...

If I had been wearing skates Rachel would have broke both my legs.