Monday, July 11, 2011

Congrats to Robert & Amanda (and some kudos)

I should be in bed right now, but as usual... I can't get sleepy. I have been running like crazy since two weeks before Guys and Dolls which opened on June 23 and closed two weeks ago today. Sometimes it happens like that- you get a buzz and it doesn't leave for quite some time. Yes, I am tired, but not so tired that I have to be a baby.

This weekend (the whole week for that matter) was very full. Fourth day of a four day concert on the Fourth of July, after a four day show run the week before as well. Building a little show called Narnia in the next three weeks. Three trips to the airport in Atlanta in three days and one to the airport in Asheville as well- not all me, but making sure the transportation and people are all arranged properly. A wedding (more about that in a bit) rehearsal on Friday night, wedding on Saturday afternoon, concert on Saturday night and a bus load of folks back to the airport in Atlanta Sunday morning. Why do I write all this? Someday my future physicians will need to look back and this and read why I am in the state that I am.

The wedding (because all the other is much less interesting) was a wonderful experience. Robert Jessup and Amanda Munger became Robert and Amanda Jessup on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Nikki and I "coordinated" the ceremony, however, Amanda had already done all the work and so we just had to show and carry on. It was a reversal of roles, if you will. Usually it is my vision and Amanda carries out the production. This time, I was her stage manager- as a visionary, I will give her an A plus.

No, beyond A plus. For those of you who might not know, Amanda did everything for this event. I mean everything, down to the creation of the dress, the reception center pieces, the invitations, completely all from top to bottom. At the same time she was working forty plus hours a week at the theatre and stage managed a major production less than two weeks earlier. To build a wedding from the ground up while working more than full time is as crazy as mounting a dozen shows a year. (We all seem to be surrounded by mutual crazy people.) Not only did Amanda more than excel at her job, but she pulled off a wonderful event with out even a hint of being a Bridezilla. To those of you that think you work hard, suck it. No comparison.

Nikki and I were honored to be a small part of that wonderful day. Very few people know what Amanda actually does when it comes to a stage production, not to mention the everyday running of a public theatrical venue and weekly concerts. After all, she spends most productions standing in the dark out of sight of the audience. This is the best way I can describe it: imagine doing a show is like baking a cake. I gather the ingredients, pick the flavors, the style of cake and frosting. You mix all those pieces together and toss it in the oven to bake, but if you just toss it the cake mix will drip and ooze into an uncollected mess. What you need is a sturdy, reliable cake pan. The best way to describe my working relationship with Amanda is she is the production's bundt pan- she holds it all together.

I have been to many weddings in my life. I love going to weddings, especially those with a good reception. The thing I always notice is the spirit. At Robert and Amanda's wedding, there was a wonderful peace and an overwhelming joy through the entire experience. They, without a doubt, were created for one another, because such joy cannot be faked or created out of nothing. Yes, I teared up.

The best part about going to all these weddings (the joyful ones) is it takes me back to my own wedding day. I have said so many times and will say many more that I have never experienced a day of such wonderful happiness. Just thinking about it I get the "good" butterflies in my stomach and more often than not, I catch myself thinking about that day and I realize I have a giant smile (like right now.) Very rarely is there a day that goes by that I don't regret something- I could have painted that better, made that direction cleaner, stood in the sunshine a little longer, only drank one dr. pepper, but when I think of the day I married my sweetheart, I regret nothing.

One time Nikki gave me a list of quotes all about love. My favorite one that best describes her and me is "love is like a butterfly, it settles upon you when you least expect it."

Many happy days Robert and Amanda!

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