Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As Time Goes By

So, it has now been two weeks since B & B opened. I have been cleaning out MMS to move everything to FHS, but most of all missing all the gang. I've seen several of you in passing, (If you haven't seen Dana H. lately, my goodness, that baby is growing!) just happening to be at the same place at the same time- not at Wal-Mart though- I don't think I've been there since the show. Yeah! Two days ago I had such a fit to be working on a show- I literally thought I was going to pop! It has calmed down since and I actually am relazing a bit before the weeks fly by for school to start. I've been thinking about Aida, especailly at night. My clock is still backwards and I can't even think about sleeping before 1:30am. I've also been getting my ideas together for the Chistmas show. Check out the web site, it has the pictures downloaded now and all the updates. Specific show dates will be there in the next week or so. The biggest treat lately came this afternoon when I finally got my lasagna! Several of you remember that while working late at night I often craved my most favorite of foods. Well, I just never got around to it- until today that is. The lasagna angel visited me and dang, it was good... and made from scratch! I'm not surprised though, everything this person sets their mind to comes out perfect. Problem is though, it has created a monster in me that now wants it for dinner too and then lunch again tomorrow and then dinner and the so on. Hope everyone is well and rested. See ya 'round!

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