Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi Friends!

So, it has been sometime since I've posted, but now that I am among the living I shall try to do better. In the last month- we will not be producing a summer show (building is a mess with new air conditioning going in... at least we hope, who knows?). I have read several interesting scripts and listened to a million cds that I've had for years, but haven't taken the time to hear again. I now have about 700 shows in my brain that I want to create and produce. It was a wonderfully fun 4th of July yesterday, however, it didn't really feel like the 4th because I am so used to working that morning then going to fireworks that night- the 4th is also the official day I start to get the nervous excitement about the show in my guts. No show show this year, no guts gurgling. I miss seeing everyone everyday, although it has been nice for me to actually spend sometime with my family- that is when I go to see them slinging BBQ. With out a show I realize I have very little to write about, but with Annie Get Your Gun on the horizon and a few other major things in the works I will have lots to write about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned- there is going to be some excitement!

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