Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pictures of the Big Engagement

Who Wouldn't want to dive into a piece of that cake? Too funny, eh?
Effie, accomplice number one, code name "Sea Base Alpha One" to operation "You Light Up My Life". Here making "the call" to see when we are approaching.

The showing of the ring. That is the first thing everybody asks- warning to every guy in the world- the first thing any other girl asks is to see her ring. Dang, that's a lot of pressure!

As my family waits for us (with unlit sparklers in hand), my Mom is obviously telling a story about me. Note the interest of those around her.

Out of the black of night. It is now know as the "oh my gosh" heard 'round the world... or at least the Wayah Valley.

Do we know how to make an entrance or WHAT?

Nikki's parents- are they happy she is getting married or just glad to have the house to themselves again?

Time to cut that BEAUTIFUL cake.

Shock? Surprise? Happy? A wonderful beginning to a wonderful adventure. Note the hot pink and lime green- when asked what color Nikki wanted her wedding to be one day, she joked by saying, "Hot pink and lime green!" Well, maybe not the wedding, but at least the opening party. Thanks all you guys... especially Effie and Melissa B.

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Amanda said...

Wow - you did an amazing job, Scotty. And as for the ring and the "pressure," you have nothing to worry about. There couldn't be a more perfect ring for her finger! It's beautiful.