Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the last day of "freedom" before going back to the room with no windows or doors for the next ten months. Yea, I know, poor baby has to go back to getting paid to play pretend. Anyway, this summer, as all summers do, flew by quicker than I could fit everything into I wanted to accomplish and the fall will do the same and so will winter, ther goes Christmas, hello Valentine's Day and then summer again. As I look back on the last two and one half months, I think about the fun I've had. Making Shirley Temples while watching the Tony awards. Painting the FAB floor green at 2am while thinking of words I shouldn't say. Eating non-stop with Nikki. We've decided it is part of the marriage vow "For better or worse, till you explode from cake and home made whipped cream." Seeing Paul and sticking gummi bears to the ceiling fan, watching them fly at the speed of sound (don't be in their way!) and the laughing hysterically at the sight. (Did you know that if you wash a gummi bear before sticking it to the ceiling fan, it becomes much sticker?) Today is also the first day of class for Abigail, Rachel and Troy. This cannot be held against me, but I will miss them terribly. Lots of laughs, Rachel eating everything in sight including illegal Taco Bell crouched in the corner of the dressing room. Theatre majors are freaks, but boy, they haven't met Rachel yet. I wonder what color her eyelids are today and how many people will choke on their chic-fil-a at the sight? If Rachel had to get up at 5:30am just to get ready to come to FHS every morning, she'll never get to sleep having to comute 30 minutes everyday! Making Abigail cry during Cinderella- a true high point. Abigail, I imagine, would have a poster of a bride kitten and a groom kitten getting married hanging in her dorm room. Troy and his fits of rage- they have anger management in college and his desire to be the best boy band imitator ever (I say pick a goal and aim high). And Taylor leaves Friday as well. What will Sesame Street be without Elmo? That leaves only little Jennifer to fill the post of Ass. Director and Ass. Dictator. She'll just punch everyone into submission. Yes, it is important to grow up and move on, but I would rather the kids I don't like to do so. So, here we go again- my 11th year teaching (I use that term loosely, you see how Abigail, Rachel, Troy and Taylor turned out.) Who'd thought that?!?!? Life is good, even though your heart aches sometimes. Blessings on you all!

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Abigail said...

Jennifer will either punch everyone or beat them with twizzlers.

And as a matter of fact, I do have a poster of a bride kitten and groom kitten in my room! How did you guess?!? :D