Friday, June 02, 2006

The Drama Proma

Today we had a prom. Our theme was... The 80's: You make me want to vomit except for the music and a select few episodes of the Cosby Show. Many dressed up, many just wore what they usually do and seemed to fit right in. We had a runway walk off (yes, a salute to Zoolander) to decide who best personified the 80's in style and attitude. And the winners were...
Best male/ female ego battle went to Tj & Kimmy. As usual, Tj's performance included fire arms and dominating violence. Best style went to Gretchen for her bedazzled jumpsuit, complete with a rhinestone belt of metallic pleather along with Rachel for her even though I'm not doing ballet, I'm wearing a tutu skirt. Klara and Brian won best runway attitude which personified the generation of 80's teenagers trying to "find themselves" without the influence of Boy George and Cultrue Club. And finally Jennifer represented the boom in population during the 80's. Actually her dress was ten sizes too big and looked like maternity wear. Congratulations to all!
Daniel or Bobert?!?!?

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