Friday, September 22, 2006

Everybody Cut!

I was doing some research earlier and found another one of our favorite personality tests. In honor of our approaching production of Footloose for the spring, I decided to post it for casting purposes- ha! By answering a few questions, you can see what character from the musical you are most like. Take the test here and be sure to let us know your results. I was best described as being Ren, however, I am far too old to play that part (although I do like to take control of most situations) and realize this test must have some flaws.


KG said...

My number 1 was Ariel, next was Ren's mom, then Ariel's mom. I thought the question about being someone's parent was a sure bet on being one of the moms...You know you are getting old when you can be cast as a teenager's mom...sigh!

Anonymous said...

Ariel McCormack
Wendy Jo.

hahah i like that name "wendy jo."


Anonymous said...

Ethel McCormick- Ren's mom. Does she use powertools?!?!?

CamilaJW said...

Urleen or Wendy Jo

Urleen has to be the ugliest name, ever.