Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beast and More...

So last night I got to meet Terrence Mann at Western. It was a very fun experience- my plan was to slip in, say "hi, I enjoy your work" and move on. I waited patiently as others circled him and then told them their life story and everything they had perfromed since first grade. Luckily, I know the head of the theatre department pretty well and she gave me a formal introduction to him rather than me just going up and saying I'm this and that. I had no plans to mention Beauty and the Beast from this summer, mainly because you know everyone that does that show tells him about it, however, he found out. He was very gracious about it and even asked a few questions about our production including if I had played the Beast. Very timidly I told him "yes" and then went on to discuss my students (see I don't have the ego that all of you claim). He might even get to come over sometime and talk with them and us, the players. He spoke briefly at the beginning of the evening and he said two things that stuck with me. The most important was about teaching and how when you are out in the world of performance, you are always going to find people just as talented or even more so, but the difference is they me be a jerk and you don't have to be. Why be the jerk? Good point, I think I'm going to like this Mann. The other was this philosophy about performance, which I won't bore you with, but all in all it was a very simple evening and a very small conversation, but a great time. Next time, we'll compare "Beast" notes- ha!

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