Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holly Jolly Around the Corner

The Grinch has arrived on Broadway! That must mean that Christmas is around the corner. Halloween is over, the decorations are starting to go up at the mall and we have begun rehearsals for Christmas in My Hometown. Last year, I let Christmas go by without really celebrating and I promise to not let that happen again. I am in a very Christmas mood- already! Maybe it is from listening to so much music get ready for the Christmas show, maybe it is I love from Halloween to January 25 (if you people don't know what day that is, you are cut), maybe it is because I get to hang out with Mickey and the gang during Christmas and New Years, maybe I am just having a good time at life in general right now. Don't know, don't care- I'm just going to enjoy it.

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CamilaJW said...

You are forgetting the best holiday of all, THANKSGIVING!!!