Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Need a Little Christmas

I am so ready for holiday time. The decorations are up at the mall, stores along the street are beginning to put out their displays and Christmas commercials have started running on tv. A lot of people say where is Thanksgiving? I've begun to link the two together. You start Christmas preperations and such long before Thanksgiving and then you officially begin to celebrate when Santa comes down the street at the Macy's parade. So for me, Christmas begins a 11:50 am each Thanksgiving day. If you don't already know (and how would you, the "Frustrations" post disappeared- it was there one day and gone the next and I didn't delete it, but who cares- spilt milk) we have completely re-tooled the Christmas show. It now runs almost two hours with and intermission and lots of different and fun songs. We turned complete songs into medleys and deleted or exchanged other songs. I think we will have a very fun, entertaining, exciting show that will touch and move people. That also changed the who clothing aspect of the show. We all have different costumes. My mom and Camila's mom have been sewing their fingers off, making each of the girls a Christmas skirt, panatloons and a cape- the guys only get vests... well, you know what I mean. Act One is set in a traditional country cabin- fireplace, stockings, snowball fights, family and celebrations. In Act Two we honor the Christmas story and present the birth of Jesus through scripture and song. Great fun, great people, great times and lots of fabric.

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