Sunday, April 01, 2007


So, many people have been asking, "What is up with the summer show?"- here it goes. Last week I found out that we would not be able to perform our summer musical mid-July as we always do. Possible delays in the heat/air project in the FAB will prevent us from performing that week because we won't know until that week if the project is finished and the final inspection passed. There is no way we could prepare a show all the while not knowing if we would be performing, mainly because of advertising. We can't advertise a show and then tell the people who already have tickets you are going to have to come back another week. I scrambled to look at available dates for the FAB- no luck. Everyone had everything booked after us until school started. Nothing in July and nothing at the beginning of August. After looking at several dates, I spoke with the group that has the FAB during the day and worked out a deal that would allow us to perform our show the first weekend in August- great! But no, conflicts with royalties and rentals would prevent us from doing such. So I worked out the next weekend to have the show and I could get the rights. Why all the hassle for this particular show? I have been waiting for Aida for years. I have every scene blocked, every number choreographed, over sixty patterns purchased and more fabric than one can imagine. I have a notebook with every set and costume broken down, sketched and designed. I even have color swatches for paint and trim for costumes. A lot of time and even more money has been invested. This show is my all time favorite and I know how every moment is to look and how this story should be told. But, due to conflicts with schedules and things beyond my control, we will not be able to present Aida this year. I know so many people will be disappointed, and many of you have expressed that, but that isn't going to slow us down. I have had a year of intense pre work for Aida and the feeling of starting over with another show is overwhelming. Just the paperwork involved in getting permission to do a show is a several week process. Research comes first- lots of reading and looking at pictures and then putting that research into motion is what occurs before the cast even gets a script. The other problem is the limitations that so many shows have- we don't have a band. I have to look for shows that are available by computer or soundtrack- that limits us greatly. One person I was talking to asked me why we didn't just not do a show for the summer because with all of those set backs they would be discouraged. I was in the beginning- but then I realized that without an outlet for being creative I go bonkers. When I have nothing else, I have my drive to take nothing and create a something out of it and the only way I can do that is by the support of all of you wonderful people who are there rehearsal after rehearsal, show after show. A friend told me I was like a race car driver- if I crashed this week, I wouldn't quit, it would simply dust off my injuries, get in my car and drive with more determination the next week- for no other reason than this is what I do. I don't do it for selfish reasons- I do enjoy it- but why would I want to if others didn't enjoy it. I have gotten so many cards and emails and letters and people stopping me on the street to say how much they look forward to coming to shows. I remember years ago doing a show and after it was over a little old lady came up to me and said she had had a very hard past couple of months. She had seen our ad in the newspaper and after thinking about not coming to the show, she decided at the last minute to buy a ticket that after noon. She told me about everything that had happened to her the months before and how being there with all those people in the audience and getting to get lost in a story for two hours gave her a refreshed take on the weeks ahead. She came back the next night and to this day, she comes to every show. She always lets me know when she is there. That is why I will not take a break- when one person appreciates you that much, it is worth it all. So, we won't be doing Aida, but we will be doing something . What? Not sure. With Footloose soon getting intense, this isn't the greatest timing to be changing everything. I had everything ready for Aida (even the posters and tickets) so that when Footloose was over, we could dive in. I will have a decision in the next few days. Keep watch- I promise what ever it is, it will be a wonderful, fun, exciting adventure that I will get to take with my most favorite, wonderful, exciting people! Thanks to everyone for all their support and flexibilty. "And so, on with the show!"


Anonymous said...

Way to go Scotty! I am sure that whatever we do will be wonderful. I am excited and look forward to anything! You've got the right idea of the community and that's the important thing.

CamilaJW said...

I read this holding my breath until the very end, waiting to see if in the end we would be doing a summer show or we wouldn't be. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. The show must go on.

KG said...