Friday, April 20, 2007

New Animated Film

Disney has recently announced that they will be returning to hand drawn animated films (yay!!!). After the whole Toy Story/ Shrek/ Ice Age computer animated features boom, they stopped releasing hand drawn animation. A big bummer, especially when you look at how beautiful some of the classics as well as the newer movies are. The last few of the animated Disney films that were hand drawn rather than computer generated were not bad from the style by which they were presented, but rather the stories stunk. When my family has gone to Disney World in the past, one of our favorite things to do was wonder through the animation building and watch the artists work. When we were there this past December- the entire animation building is now a walk through museum type display. So sad. I am very excited to see thet Disney is returning to hand drawn, and I hope they keep it up. The film is titled The Frog Princess and is an adaptation of The Frog Prince fairy tale (another of my favorites- my most favorite being the muppets version). Also a first, the Princess is black. The story is updated and set in 1920's New Orleans with music by Randy Newman. Release is scheduled for 2009.

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