Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Footloose Update #6

I feel like I never had spring break. I am very tired and know that I will get more tired before I get less tired. It all comes with the territory I guess. We started major clean up on the show last night. For those that might not know, that means we break down every scene with detail and try to form a specific pace at which the scene will move. It also means that we take every dance number and go over every step, fill in any empty spots and make everyone's feet, hands, even eyelids match. This is the part of rehearsal that I like most, mainly because it is the most creative. Getting every scene and number on its feet is one thing, but to fine tune and shape it all is great fun. This is the time where we have lots of happy surprises that weren't in the original plan- for example, so one might make a funny joke and it triggers an idea that works into the scene. Some one may misstep a dance move, and it looks better or leads into an entireyl different idea than the original. This is also the most draining rehearsals on the cast because there is lots of waiting. We are no longer on a schedule because we don't know how far we will get each night. Some nights we may only get past one scene, others we may fly through several. The goal is to have everything cleaned up by midweek next week. One week from today we begin all the tech work- body mics, lights, sound and moving scenery. On Monday we get the band- that will be an entire experience in itself getting used to one another and figuring out cues. Three weeks from tonight is final dress- wow! I feel woozy!- lots to do, but lots of fun to be had in the process.

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