Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Nation, Under God

Christians, the Bible says, are to be a peculiar people. Christians should go against the norm of society and exclude themselves from what most worldy people define as acceptable. I am happy to say I am a Christian. Almost all of the people I voted for yesterday, were not elected.

The day began at 5:45 am. Nikki and I took off and travelled over most of Jackson County several times. These were the areas we were responsible for in her mom's campaign. It was a very interesting animal of an experience I had never seen or participated in. Most people were very friendly and would happily stop to talk with you. Most people were completely uninformed.

We never outright said, "Who are you voting for?" (Unlike the Obama lady who knocked on my door Saturday.) Instead, we would say, "Would you share with me your opinons?" When speaking about the Presidential race, every three out of five people would reply they are voting for McCain or Obama, but yet have no idea why. I respect your opinon if you have facts to back it up. Several people said they were voting for Obama because they wanted change, but yet could not tell what type of change Obama was going to bring. They had no insight on his policies, what he believed in or sometimes even if he had a family. Don't get me wrong, there were some McCain supporters who did the same. Sadly, people had not done their research. Many voters went to the polls to cast their ballot blindly, only making a decision based on what their friends had said, or even worse what the news media had reported. That drives me bonkers!

In the past weeks I have been sharing some of my personal opinons. Some people have enjoyed them, some have disagreed with me. I respect some of you that have enjoyed as well of those that have disagreed- all depending on where you get your opinion- which is what most of these posts have really been about. Form an opinion, claim a conviction, but informed and support your ideas with facts. Real facts- candidate voting history, personal policies reported by that candidate personally, not your friends or the news. That is what is making America become such a land of morons. I respect your opinon- no matter what it is- but only if you support it. Tell me why! Ignorance is not bliss- like a lady the other day who disagreed with my covictions about aboriton issues. She told me she did understand why I would be so up in arms over abortion when a woman naturally "aborts" an egg each month. She wanted to know what the difference was. This lady is pushing sixty and has children of her own. Ignorance. I tried to explain sex-ed 101, but she wouldn't agree with me. Ignorant, uninformed, unsupported opinion that doesn't justify respect.

So as I was saying, Nikki and I began our day at 5:45am and ended it at 12:45am. There were lots of ups, downs, moments you wanted to shed some tears and moments when you couldn't stop laughing- especially at Burger King and the restrooms, but that's a story for another day. All in all, we saw democracy at its best and and times, its worst.

One nation under God? Yesterday, the majority of Americans chose to be just a nation.

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