Friday, November 14, 2008

Shakespeare and Rock N' Roll

Wednseday night on the spur of the moment, Nikki and I went over to WCU to see Othello (yes, the Shakesperian tragedy). While on the way, we texted Rachel and she met us there for the show. In times past when I went to see a PLAY not a MUSICAL, the tickets were around $8. I go up to the window and the lady says, "$20". I give her a $20 bill and she says, "No, $20 each." What ?!?! When did this happen?

The show was ok. The guy that played Iago was very good- nice color to his lines as opposed to most of the others that just shouted their lines and beat their chest. Shakespeare- I guess some actors, especially young ones, think that it is better shouted. Oh, well. In otherwords, $40 for three hours of neck veins.

Last night we headed back over the mountain with Effie to see Adam Pascal in concert. We sat on the front row about five feet from him. It was a nice show mostly of his current cd with a few B-Way songs thrown in. No Aida, however. Dissapointment. At the end I waited with the other fans and he autographed my Aida cast album. Fun night.

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