Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Disney Day One

So after two long weeks, I came down to Orlando for Paul's wedding this weekend. I decided I deserved an extra day or two to play in the park. Nikki stayed home due to work, so it is kinda weird being here by myself. After making it in record time (8 1\2 hours) I had a nice dinner and icecream at the market place and went to some of my favorite shops, the first being the vinylmation store where I purchased two new friends- one of which I was hoping for when I pulled the box from the display. Tomorrow I'm going on a photo safari in the parks. Right now though, crash time. I have the air cranked to 55 and plan to sleep well. Goodnight O-town.

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cjw said...

Nikki probably has the temp cranked up to 80 at home :)