Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Electrifyin'

Disney day three: one word, hot. Started at Animal Kingdom and made my way back to Epcot. I had seen a few items for Nikki and wanted to get them before the rush of tomorrow. Afterwards, I went back to the hotel to cool off a bit. On my way I went by the Earl of Sandwich and picked up some early dinner. Back at the Magic Kingdom by 7:30pm in time to ride Pirates and grab an orange slushi before the electric parade and fireworks. I've never really given much attention to folks when I'm here, yea I've people watched but never really observed them. Since I'm here alone and have no one to talk to in line, I've spent more time watching. The conclusion: people are even more stupid than I give them credit for. But with a million twinkling lights and an orange slushi, I'm not distracted by them for long. By the way, the new fireworks for the summer- spectacular! Tomorrow is Paul's wedding, so I
will play in the morning at the studios. No visit is complete without saying hi to the muppets.

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