Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9/11 Slides

Speaking of Sept. 11, Steve just sent me an email with this attachment- in case you forgot and just like I said earlier, what impacts one of us should impact all of us. Click here for the 9/11 slides.

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Lee B said...

While my daddy was not in the WTC, this date is forever etched in my memory. On Sept. 10, I drove from Durham to Franklin partially in tears because Daddy had chosen to stop his dialysis. We children knew that we needed to go home and prepare to come back to Durham to be with him in his final days. However, there were to be no more. On Tuesday, Daddy, a newpaperman all his life, was not interested in any of the TV footage of the disaster; on Wednesday, he did not want to even see a newspaper and quietly slipped away.
I cannot forget the day, nor can I watch the movie. I, too, never had the chance to say good-bye.