Wednesday, August 09, 2006

World Trade Center Opens Today

The new movie World Trade Center, based upon events of Sept. 11 opens today across the country. Almost five years later I am still amazed by the events of that day and can't help but wait with anticipation to see the movie- not because I am what you would call an ambulance chaser or do I thirve on the misery of others. I do, however, take with a huge amount of seriousness what you might call "the human experience". Maybe it comes from being an actor person, but the various emotions people go through are terribly interesting to me. How this person copes with a certain situation while another deals with the same events in a totally different way are the building blocks of character. Ok, maybe I am sounding a bit deep- I just want to see this movie and think everyone else should too because after all, we are all part of one another's moments whether we are in the same town or half way around the world.


hotwings said...

I find myself at odds as to whether I want to watch this movie or not. While I agree that the range and experience of human emotion is an amazing thing to experience; I can't imagine what the wives/husbands/ children/parents/etc. of the victims of that day think of this movie and what type of pain it recalls for them.

CamilaJW said...

I think movies like this help us grieve with those who are grieving and not forget their pain.