Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two Things to Talk About

First, can you belive we opened B & B a month ago? It seems like last night, but at the same time it is like we did it last year. Where is life going? I feel like I had just found out I could get the rights and now the show is already a month gone. We are all getting older faster than we realize. My nieces turn nine on Tuesday. NINE!!! I was there when they were born- good grief! And now they it is nine years later. They ask me if they will ever get to know what is like to have a cousin- I change the subject. I think time is the one thing we cherish the least because we think we always have it. Silly mortals. Which leads me to thought number two: I saw World Trade Center last night. It is very well done, not at all a cheezy re-enactment or anything that true-life disaster movies are. There are no moments of straight in your face we are showing this to get an emotional response, but rather a very gritty, true life example of what a handful of people among millions were experiencing. It is not a movie for everyone, but at the same time it is an experience to be had by most- puts the whole issue of time in perspective. Who knows if we will see the sun set that we saw rose this morning. Time is one thing I will never take for granted.


Anonymous said...

were people around you getting emotional during the movie?

ScottyLC said...

No, they were just listening. It was very quiet except for a few goofs that have yet to realize to put their cell phone on vibrate during a movie. There were a few teenagers that were noisy at one or two places, but you wonder if they were uneasy. But at the same time, it makes you aware that somebody needs to teach people about reverence and respect.