Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Although not my favorite park, I always enjoy going to the Animal Kingdom just for a bit. The Festival of the Lion King show is one of the best on the property and It's Tough to be a Bug is the best in 3D entertainment- I know what is going to happen and it still creeps me out at times.
We went on the safari early that morning and saw a lot more animals than we usually do. We saw lions, hipos, giraffes, everything you could think of including several of theses huge silver back gorillas. They were the most interesting to watch and at the same time a little scary. I think they could break all of us in half just from looking at us.
This is Expedition Everest, a new roller coaster. I was all pumped and ready to ride it until I saw it up close and then chickened out because I knew most of it was in the dark and backwards- so Nikki and Kaylee rode it. Yes, I am ashamed, a nine year old girl rode but I didn't. That is all we will say about that.

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