Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Tigger Beat Up My Kid"

I imagine most of you have seen that whole "Tigger beat up my kid story." Well, all I have to say is it looks as if your kid is a punk that didn't get spanked as a child and thinks he can do anything he wants and then whine about it when it is done. If you watch closely, the kid is doing something to the back of the guy in the costume. When are parents going to take responsibility for their lack of parenting and quit blaming everyone and everything in society for trying to cause their children harm? Then to make it better, let's send the video to every major news organization so everyone can see that Tigger had it out for his teenage son while expecting monetary compensation for the "trauma" that the poor boy has gone through. If I was the kid, I'd be embarrassed that everyone saw Tigger beat me up! That would be enough to keep the video hidden for forever! Everybody want's something for nothing- get over it, get a life and quit trying to ruin others around you. What's next? Is he planning to sue Disney because the teacups made his son dizzy? Well, he shouldn't have spun so fast, like he should have touched Tigger the way that he did. Just imagine the next time you go to have your picture taken with Mickey and he's behind a piece of plexiglass. Let the freaks rule the world? No, just sterilize them so they can't create more freaks!

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