Thursday, January 18, 2007

Noooooo! Say it Ain't So!

I got up this morning with a pleasant surprise- snow and no school, well actually a work day, but still just the same- no kids. I made my rounds and visited various people then came bacl to my office to check and answer emails and such. Everyday at lunch I visit and to keep up with the goings on of the theatre world and today my parade got rained on. After thirteen years on broadway, Beauty and the Beast is closing on July 29. I don't think it is because of lacking attendance, but rather they fell it has just done its thing and they are making space for The Little Mermaid to move into that theatre in December. Read the article here. As pathetic as it sounds, I feel like I've lost a friend today- ok, maybe that's a little cheesy, but you know what I mean. That story was always my favorite fairytale when I was growing up and it is easily the best animated feature that Disney has produced and the show is amazing and beautiful with a score that gives me chills still to this day. That show also produced my most favorite song ever, "A Change in Me", so I have the right to be a little sad. I've seen it four times, but could stand one more... any takers?

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