Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fun Times

Jake and Kaycee share a dance as they count down the hours to midnight on New Years Eve. Those are noise makers, not cigarettes- they both have decided to quit smoking as their resolution.
Can't leave without a bunch of fun headgear...
One day we were walking down Mainstreet USA in the Magic Kingdom and Nikki stoped suddenly- yes, she found her long lost sister sitting in a store window. It was a beautiful reunion, but not a bit of dust was moved- they just sat around and looked pretty.
Whose the leader of the club... you know the rest.
Kaycee and Kaylee being abducted by large rodents.
Kaylee was even brainwashed into becoming one herself.
One day we went to the Grand Floridian resort and looked at the life size gingerbread house. Everything about could be eaten! All three kids became suddenly bad and irreverent. We later found out it was only a ploy because they were trying to get grounded and sent to the corner where they could hopefully eat their way to freedom.

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