Tuesday, October 23, 2007

AGYG Cast Party

Food, fun and a bug eyed boy with a ball cap. No Everett don't worry, you weren't caught doing anything you shouldn't be.
"I like to wear my letters next to my tinny tin badges reight below my tooney pins."

Too bad he's not a vet. No leg dog with egg... I mean Egge.

Like we've never seen this before.

What's her "net" worth. Ha! I kill me!

About right now that paper is sloppy wet.

Jessie, Nellie, Little Jake, Colton and Minnie with their slinkies also made of tinny.

Don't worry, he can pick that lock in no time flat.

Great! Now Betsey will be hanging around all the time!

Get no ideas Camila... no ideas!


KG said...

OK -- look at Betsy's picture...Is Annie going to pop the egg off her little head next? I hope she gets the egg and not the leg on this one!

Amanda said...

1) How do you know he wasn't doing something he shouldn't?
2) That shirt was one of my favorite gags of the evening!!!
3) Nice pun.
4) Poor Samuel, that's so mean. ;)
5) *groan
6) Yeah right, but I bet the duct tape is all gone.
7) Such a good idea
8) Um-Uh, I thought YOU were the one who could open any safe without getting caught?
9) Kathi, I see what you mean - that is too funny!
10) What do you mean, "Camila, no ideas?" I dragged her kicking and screaming into that one. But now she's caught the vision and is running with it! ;)