Monday, October 22, 2007

The Curtain Has Closed

Tonight is the cast party for Annie Get Your Gun. Even though the show is done, the set is torn apart and the costumes are being washed and stored, the show isn't officially over until the cast party. It is our time to laugh, remember and pretty much make fun of one another's foibles and goof-ups (some of US have few, others of YOU have many- it is hard to maintain perfection). Over all it was a fun show, not one I wanted to be doing sometimes and not because of the rehearsals or people involved directly with the show. Rather it was all due to outside people with personal baggage trying to blame us all on why they were not loved enough as children and therefore must spend most of their days trying to dictate and thrive upon conflict. Sad people. Sad world they live in. Eat my dust.
Some may moan, but this year I have broken with tradition and decided not to pass out paper plate awards... what, you say?... Yes, no paper plate awards. Understanding those people that have tried to make this production difficult, I didn't want anymore negativity to come into the wrapping up of this event. Rather I have created some self-help "props" to assist those of YOU who are not as perfect as ME. IT should be fun... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!

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